Tatiana Nemchenko

Nail Technician

"Beautiful hands are the calling card of every woman. So why not let your nails to be beautiful too. We spend so much money and time on our faces while in fact we see our nails far more often." - Tania

Tatiana's passion is to instill nails of every client with a sense of magnificence and confidence. Nail technician is not only a person who is good in her job, but also rather a person of art who encourages clients to think outside the box when it comes to designs."I absolutely adore my job as it gives me an opportunity to bring happiness and luxury to every client. I am over the moon with the idea of creating new designs." - says Tatiana
Even though she works in the beauty industry for over 6 year, she thrives for constant pursuit of improvement as everything changes; new techniques and designs are always brought into market. Attending various master classes, studying of new materials, systems and skills, tracing all trends in the industry as well as listening to suggestions and wishes of her loyal clients.

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